This section provides the guideline for all APICTA member economies to select companies and its products as nominees in the APICTA Award competition.

A. Company Eligibility to Nominate

The Company Eligibility guideline describes the criteria and attributes required for a company to be eligible to submit their entry nomination for APICTA Award competition.

A company who is eligible to nominate their Information and Communication Technology innovation must meet the following criteria:

1. The nominee must be locally registered in the respective APICTA member economy
2. The nominee can be a 100% local company; or
3. The nominee can be a joint venture between local company and foreign company. A foreign company in a joint venture can be either company(ies) within that APICTA member economy or company(ies) outside that APICTA member economy. Shareholder(s) within the APICTA member economy must be at least 51% from the total shares.

B. Product Eligibility Nomination

The Product Eligibility guideline describes the criteria and attributes for required for a product to be eligible to be nominated as an entry to APICTA Award competition.

An eligible product for APICTA entry nomination must meet the following criteria,

1. The Intellectual Property Right for the product must be owned by the company who is eligible to nominate according the Company Eligibility guideline, or its Intellectual Property Right is owned by offshore parent of the local company where the majority owner share holding is the local company.
2. At least 51% of product development efforts including, research and development and design must be done within APICTA member economy who is submitting the application.

C. Non Eligible Entry Nomination

The following are non-eligible innovations for entry nomination,

1. A product, where the main R&D and design efforts were done outside of the APICTA member economy or where the APICTA member economy just provided code-cutting services.
2. An innovation and product which has won an APICTA Award, with or without product enhancement, in 3 years preceding the current APICTA Award competition.

D. Number of Entry Nomination

Each APICTA member economy can nominate a maximum 3 products per category.

E. Disqualification of Innovation Entry Nomination

Each APICTA member economy must ensure to meet each nomination meets the above criteria and attributes during the in-country selection for APICTA Award nominations. Violation to the abovementioned criteria and attributes will result of product entry disqualification.